I mostly learned web design using CSS positioning, so I rarely use tables at all. However I have a small HTML email project that requires I use a table and that the table contain 2 columns, 1 cell on the left and 2 cells on the right. The problem is the lower right cell. I'm finding everything displays as it should in Safari. However, in Firefox PC/Mac and IE/PC the upper right cell wants to push the lower right cell down quite a bit. I don't want that extra space. I was able to solve the problem in Firefox PC/Mac by simply setting the height of the upper right cell at 25px, knowing the content would simply push it down as required. Presto. The empty space at the bottom of the upper right cell vanished (mostly). However, this has no effect in IE/PC. Still a huge amount of space the upper right cell at the bottom that I need to remove. You can view a very simple example here:


Is there a trick to getting IE/PC to remove that unwanted space a the bottom of the upper right cell? Thanks for any help and/or insight.