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    full height of columns while using float and flexible design

    Hi all,

    I would like to make my content space as long as the rest of the space down to the footer. Using a background image in body for example wont work because the site design is flexible which means that the content space can expand in width and height making the background image useless.

    Furtermore, there is a shadow applied to the content space in the form of an background image. Of course, the shadow should also be applied when the content area is expended.

    Is this possible to achieve?

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    This is possible and a tiled background image will work with a liquid layout. You can use a technique called sliding Faux columns originally thought up by Dan Cederholm (simplebits) and later developed by Eric Meyer to be used with fluid layouts.

    It basically involves an ultra wide background image tiled vertically that work harmoniously with your liquid layout.

    see this link:

    and google the term for a good tutorial. Also Bulletproof webdesign is a great book and outlines this in detail

    Hope that helps a little
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