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    Alignment issue with HTML based Outlook Stationery

    I have an HTML template that is imported into Outlook to be used as stationery, for sales folks in my company to use to fill out travel reports. The raw code is as follows:

    When entering in information, there seems to be an alignment issue, and I'm not sure what is causing it. There are no custom fonts or anything that would cause it. It uses whatever font the user has assigned in Outlook or Word as their default editor (which is usually Arial size 10 or Times New Roman size 12).

    After a user activates the stationery (template) from Outlook, creates a new e-mail where the template appears, enters their information for their report, here is what the output looks like.

    My guess is it's Microsoft's way of rendering HTML. Any idea on what I can do to fix it so that everything lines up as it should?

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    Too many tables... you've got multiple tables nested inside the first table.

    For such a simple layout, you should just be able to work with one table.
    Or have separate table (not nested) that are all the same width).

    That will solve your problem.

    Back to the drawing board :-)

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