I have been a web designer for eight years, but have now just recognized the industry standard and have purchased my first Mac. It is going to be THE design computer from now on--my PC has just had it!--but I have noticed something peculiar...going between sites that I have designed, looking at them both on the PC and on the Mac, (I use the latest version of Firefox on both platforms), I've noticed that text on the Mac is larger. Obviously, this will present a problem since a majority of users still use PC's, and I don't have a good gauge of what they are seeing...if I make text look "normal" for me, it could be really, really small for them. Also, what color profile would be best to work in? I started off using the profile for my monitor, (a Dell UltraSharp 1907FP 19-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor), but then switched to Wide Gamut RGB, as I found this had color more true to what PC users would see, although very light or similar colors on top of each other, (such as white and light gray), still get "bleached" out. Any suggestions on how to get around these obstacles would be appreciated, as well as any other useful tips!