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    Want to use CSS in website but many errors

    Hi All
    i am havin trouble usin css in my company site !
    which is ...all i want to do is want to call externel css & in normal htm files ! to styles intag <p> <h1> normaly for text ! but it always gav an error displayin page properly !
    could u plz tell me by seing back source of my website
    that i can use css or not on that !
    & wat is the problem !
    Thank You

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    Well I looked at your source code and if there's supposed to be a link to an external style sheet in there I could't find one.

    Once you've created your external style sheet you need to place a link in the head section of every page that you wish to use those styles. The link you use is:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

    ...where "style.css" is the name of your own style sheet.
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    Just a few comments (I will reply to your email also)

    As Saz says you have no style sheet external link
    Therefore all the div which have id's will not know what they look like.

    Also just spotted that a few of your images have spaces in the file name, netscape doesn't like spaces in images names so you might want to look at changing that. (eg new site images comes up as New%20site%20images)

    Check line 8 up from the bottom the background you specify doesn't have the spaces %20 which could cause an error. Remember ie is much more forgiving than netscape which could be part of the problem

    Also checked it in NS 4.08 and all looks fine apart from your menus at the top and bottom - how did you set up these menus?

    Another question what did you use to set up the code - as I can see 5 nested tables and am not quite sure why?

    The best way will be to start off with this css style sheet (base style sheet)link it to your page (like Saz has shown above) then where you have <font> tags replace with a P or H1 and see how you get on.

    Good luck

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