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Thread: PHP CMS System

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    PHP CMS System

    Hi Guys,

    Essentially what Id like to do would be a clone of this site but with alot of extra elements added for the community at large and the bands themselves. I was wondering if anyone would make any recomendations for a CMS for a music portal site?

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    well that sites uses PHP-Nuke so you know its possible with that, and there should be addons for music sites or features to do with them.

    Many moons ago i used Xoops which was a nice, if big, CMS which is like PHPNuke but in my opion better designed.

    However, as always, designing you own site from scratch is always best; but if your on a time limit then I can really really really reccommend Cake PHP. Its a clone of Ruby on Rails for PHP, however they have teken it in its own direction and made it work so well and so easily. Im using it to build a site at the minute and ive spent 80% of the time designing when normally i would be coding it all the time then designing for 2% of the time. So simple. Here the linky:


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