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    help guide me into this xml world

    Ok, I've read about/listened about XML and such for a while, but I've not needed it for any of my stuff. I store my data in dbs and everything is all self contained. I need to create a better logging systen and I want to create something of a unix syslog for my php apps. To do this I got thinking I'm finally going to be looking at using php for a project with XML. After all doesn't it make sense to do this with some sort of XML-RPC type setup.

    Ah, then the fun begins. REST, SOAP, XML-RPC? With all the problems with PEAR's XML-RPC of course I am looking for advice and suggestions on what everyone is using? Any great resources/advice would be more than welcome. I've never done any server->server type stuff like this. Most of the applications are run on php4 while the server I want to send all the log events will be php5. The goal here is to send a log event (say user xx inserted record yyy into table zzz at 8:15am 10/10/05) The log server would send this to the db and we're all happy.

    What are my main secrity concerns? This is all internal so I'm thinking I can just create a whitelist of IPs to check upon inserting a new log message. I don't plan on worrying about an authentication method at this time.

    Thanks for the hopeful tips/links
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    For security vulnerabilities in regards to XML-RPC I would bookmark this url as there have been some recent issues


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