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    do you really need to know
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    about web SERVERS!

    Hello All! I am writing this because I have so many questions about Webservers I only hope that one person will read this. First off How do you host your own site on your own webserver? How many hits a day can one server take 100,000? Can I host my .dot com com website with only one server. What is the best OS to use? sorry I know my questions sound well moronic but if someone could answer them it would be great! thanks

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    A lot of your questions have no one answer because they depend on a number of factors.

    For example, how many hits a day can one server take 100,000? The answer to this question does depend on the server. You need to look at the hardware of the server and the amount of bandwith allocated to you.

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    I think these questions could have been spread across the forums a little better. To get the best answers, try looking for an appropriate forum for each question next time - you'll often find more expert advice.

    1: How do you host your own site on your own webserver?

    - really belongs in ..this forum.

    The answer is roughly that you possess a server (loaded with web server softaware (ie: apache or IIS).
    The server software will be loaded onto a platform of either the *nix variety (ie redhat linux) for apache or Win NT / 2000 for IIS.
    You then need a connection to the net (big bandwidth - this is another topic in itself), and an "IP" (internet protocal) addredd so the rest of the world knows how to dind you.

    2: As said before, this really depends on your set up

    3: You can serv any number of sites from one server. It really depends on the demands of each one. If you are serving just html and images, you can get silly amounts of sites on a small hard drive, low cpu etc - and it shouldn't choke. If your sites use server side processes, contain big files etc, then you will need something more beefy and will restrict the number of sites you can realistically serve,

    4: This ones open for debate. Around 67% of the worlds internet servers are running some flavour of *nix. I recommend RedHat Linux 6*. Other options, as stated include Win NT & Win 2000

    Hope this helps. For more in depth answers, try to break the questions down a little and post them in the relevent forums.

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