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    css column query


    I am currently messing about with a new design for my currently table based site.

    I have a layout I like here:

    My question is whether there is a way to divide the main content into two columns, with maybe a 70% split to the left, and a 30% split to the right.

    By 'main content' I mean the main body of the text with the 'heading#1' and 'heading#2' - I want to keep the header and footer spanning the whole width. It's just the content I wanted to divide. Or at least, to have the option to, with maybe two different <div> tags:

    <div id="left">heading one...</div>
    <div id="right">heading two...</div>

    But then to have another div which I could use instead, if I wanted a full width div instead of columns, for other pages, e.g.

    <div id="main">heading one and heading two...</div>

    I know this is probably a really silly question, but I've had a look on lots of template sites, and have tried to figure out how I could possibly do it, but I'm stuck.

    Thank you


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    I'm not quite sure if I understand as it seems you simply want two elements side by side. If so you can just float them side by side with appropriate widths (just leave some leeway e,g, 29.9% and 70% for rounding errors).

    Then following elements just need clear:both applied and they will start underneath both columns.


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