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    Table / Text Problem

    I have designed a site for myself and it looks fine in my browser. When I looked at it on a 19" monitor the text size changed and it messed up my table the way I laid it out.
    Does different browser sizes automatically change text size?
    If so, or any other reason, is there html code that I can put in my site to keep it from doing this?
    Take a look at the page I am inquiring about, I know the graphics need to be compressed to load faster... still working on that, but the table problem is the one I need help with at the moment. .
    It is not an adult site so don't let the xxxindex part run you off. Any help would be appreciated.

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    It's nothing to do with the size of the monitor or the resolution - I took your site all the way from 640x480 to 1280x1024 and the text was fine............

    ..............until I told my browser to view using a larger font size!

    This is where your problem lies. You'll be pleased to know you can correct it, by setting the font in your code to, for example, size="12pt" as opposed to size="3". However, you run the risk then of upsetting users who have to browse with a larger font due to poor eye-sight.
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    This is what I saw when I upped the size of my text:

    You're just not thinking ahead is all. Yes, different browsers display text at slightly different sizes by default, and even worse, different Operating Systems (Mac and Windows) display text even more disparately.

    Depending on how much more time you want to spend on your design, there are a few options for you.

    1) Right now you have a "front page" and an "internal page". The internal page still has some of the same problems, but it would be much easier to redesign to prevent the text size issue from messing up your layout.

    2) You could totally redo the site.

    3) You could redesign the front page.

    My suggestion would be to use the same layout from your internal page for your front page.

    A quick fix would be to open your HTML, browse to the portion where these images are contained:


    and set a valign="top" in either the TD tag or the TABLE tag. That wil prevent those images from moving down when the text is resized. Then you would need to do something else with bottom.jpg. My recommendation would be to rethink that section of the mockup. You're usually just asking for trouble when you fully enclose a resizeable element such as text

    Those things should get you started and thinking about a fix.

    By the way, nice to see a fellow Nashvillian, I work across the street from the Bell South building.
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