Don't laugh at my novice inexperience.

I have never built a database. I am now running a Draft site for a sitting Democratic Governor and potential 08 presidential contender. I need the
site to do more than provide info.

My server has Mysql & Php support. I need to create a database for
site visitors to leave contact information. That information will be stored and turned over to the potential presidential cansidate.

The site also needs an online petition where visitors can add their name. The diplay window needs to be a scrolling window with mutli-line capabilities. It should display all the names and cities of people who signed the petition with a hide field for anyone that does not want their name displayed. Preferably, the name of the last person to sign the petition will appear at the top of the list along with the city, state and date.

As I understand it, the php talks to the database and recalls whatever information you want displayed into a field. Some people said all I need is a really good guestbook. I looked through 391 and was not satisfied that what I looked at was actually what I needed.

Ideally, I would like to find a supporting Democrat willing to help with this pro-bono as I am footing all expenses myself personally. I'm afraid by the time I learn all this from scratch, I will cause some people to loose interest.

If someone is interested in volunteering, that would be idea. If not, perhaps somebody here can tell me where to start. I created a basic Mysql table (my first) but then got into how to make the php recall data back into a display window. I am over my head deep! The candidate is Virginia Governor Mark Warner. If you hate him, please don't advise. If you like him, boy I could use a willing hand. Thanks!