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    Export Data/Login Problem

    Hi all,

    To warn you, I'm a complete newbie to programming. I inherited a Coldfusion application at work (development was outsourced to external developers) and I'm trying to install a login function. I'm running into problems trying to first backup the database of the application. My web host doesn't allow direct access to our database, and they recommended that I use the DTS "Export Data" function through SQL Enterprise Manager. When I run the Wizard, I get an error message saying:

    "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The login 'database owner' does not exist."

    My login details are all correct (I checked with my web-host - I can login via SQL Enterprise Manager to view the database, I only run into problems when trying to export the data.) I Googled the message, and I found someone who solved the issue on another message board. Their post said:

    A few objects that other developers had added didn't have all the correct user details in them which caused problems. (ie not referencing them all by user.object).
    Again, I am a complete noob. How can I fix this problem, or is there any way I can circumvent it to backup my database?

    Thanks for any help.

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    everyone was a noob once, don't worry. The error is stated clearly by the ODBC driver, namely: "The login 'database owner' does not exist".

    You have an ODBC connection string somewhere, where the username and password are specified. As a matter of fact, instead of specifying a valid username (you can use enterprise manager to see valid users in each database) someone, maybe even you, typed "database owner". That is most definitely wrong, and the ODBC driver is telling you.

    I don't know coldfusion, but I a guess that in a global file the login string is specified. Alternatively, a DSN (data source name) may have been specified, you can see these by going to WinXP/Control Panel/Admin. Tools/Data Sources (ODBC).

    You need to change the username:"database owner" to a login which has priveleges in your database.



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