Maybe, this is just impossible to do, but I would like to make sure that I am not missing obvious.

I would like to

  • create a nested float similar to this layout.
  • have the main contents float around the sidebar (I don't want to create 2 columns), but I also would like to put the main contents before the sidebar in the XHTML markup.
This means, I have to float the sidebar right and give it a width. The problems with this is that the floated element has to appear first in the markup.

Also, I can't float the contents (then it would appear before the sidebar in the markup), because then I would have to give it a width and it would not flow around the navigation (I had 2 columns in this case).

Absolute positioning lets me have the contents befor the sidebar in the markup, but also creates 2 columns and doesn not let the contents flow around the sidebar.

Is this just impossible?

Thanks a lot for your comments!