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    multiple sockets in 1 loop : possible ?

    Hello, I've been playing around with sockets a bit. It never used to work before but now I've got a few things going well. But I'm stuck at a script that has several sockets connections, each of them seems to work fine seperated but the combined script never works. So a simple question : is it possible in php to have several socket connections at the same time and use them like you want ?

    the script is a bit like this : (its a bit of a mess, pasting it directly would not be much helpfull, would need to clean it up first)

    PHP Code:
    open connection1 with fsockopen
    open connection2 with socket_create 
    and socket_bind

    while (connection1) {

    listen to connection2
    if connection2 reads somethingperform specific command

        listen to connection1
    do some calculations with the input of connection1
        send something to connection1

    do something to keep connection1 up
    close connection2 
    Connection1 is the main purpose of this script, it should listen for a long time and log a lot of things. Connection2 is from another php script, and basicly is a kind of monitoring/control panel. So it should send some commands through so that different kind of things could be logged from connection1 whenever needed. And the reason I do it like this, is that the while loop could last a long time and it will only directly show the results when the loop is finished.... but I want to interact with it while it is still looping. So therefore the two connections.

    The script above works, but only if I leave out everything from connection2. So therefore I assume it would not be wise to mix more then one socket connection in the same script? yes/no ?

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    I'm guessing your sockets are blocking, therefore accept() freezes the whole application. Try using non-blocking sockets.


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