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    Hi everyone,

    I've been loitering with intent for the last couple of weeks and I've found some great stuff on these forums, it looks like a great place to exchange information.

    I've recently been given the role as the IT administrator for our European corporate intranet and one of the first projects which I'm undertaking is the publishing of a new Corporate Mission Statement.

    The idea is that the statement will be published in it's first draft form in week or so. Employees will be able to comment on the various pages via a feedback form and these comments will appear at the base of the page.

    I've created an SQL database with fields for ID (auto incrementing), comment (text), poster (text) and date (date). I can pull the data from this database into the appropriate sections of the site using php when needed and I can write to the datebase using mysql. I can't seem to get my form working to put date into the database.

    I would like to have a page that is dedicated to this task (so I can maybe implement it in a popup window - haven't decided yet), with two "textarea" boxes for the input of 'comment' and 'poster' and the form to complete the ID and date. When the submit button is clicked, the page should update the database and then take the user back to the Mission Statement page and refresh it to update the comments.

    Sorry that was a bit long winded but this is my first outing into the world of php.


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