Good Day All,

I have been looking and experimenting for the past week for a way to to have one drop down list (populated from a MySQL DB) determine the value of a second drop down list (also populated from a MySQL DB) after the user makes a selection from the first drop down.

I want to stay in the PHP realm so it will require a refresh. I found a script posted by Toly which uses a form with the method="get" which works fine on it's own. Now my situation...

I have an input form that is used to add clients to a DB (MySQL of course). The two drop down lists I am working with are on that form. This form's method="post". I can get the first drop down to load using the onload event for the page. No problems. The problem is the second drop down. How can these two forms exist together, one within the other, or is that even possible?

If it is not possible to have one form within another (which I suspect) has anyone every had to solve this problem, and if so how did you do it? I have some ideas, but none of them seem to be working when I think them through and draft them on paper. If it is possible to have a form within a form how does that happen?

Any thoughts anyone has would be appreciated.

Best Regards.