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Is there an output buffer for js then? like php ob flush kinda thing?

Good point but as I said earlier, when we move our site into a new cms, writing the tags on the fly can be done.

Meanwhile this solution helps me to get togther a dbase table containing all the acronyms and definitions (that dozens of others will be creating) - its not just a matter of getting the code right.

I like your idea of a servlet filter do you mean a Java servelet? What will I have to have installed to have that then?
JavaScript will always be executed on the client's machine. It's downloaded and then interpreted, so it will be slower than processing with a compiled language like java and caching the result.

To run any of the jsp/servlet stuff, you need a container. Tomcat is free -> http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/

The hardest part is the initial hurdle of setting the container, setting the classpath, and getting started with ANT (ANT makes compiling/building a lot easier) -> http://ant.apache.org/. If you already know java, writing a servlet filter is not all that hard.