I'm working on a site that displays a bunch of thumbnail images in a table cell. The CSS for each image (which is linked to the bigger pic) is:
img {
border : 0; 
#thumbnails a {
float : left; 
margin : 1px; 
padding : 1px; 
border : 1px solid #f2f1ef; 
#thumbnails a:hover , #thumbnails a:active {
border : 1px solid #666; 
where #thumbnails is the surrounding div. This works fine on PC, with all the thumbnails neatly lining up into rows and columns depending on how much space there is in the cell they are in, but on Mac they all pile up on top of each other.

Also, I'm using input textboxes to display text on the page - I've set them to the same color as the background so you can't see that they are input fields, using:
#productname {
margin : 0; 
padding : 0; 
border-style : none; 
background-color : #f2f1ef; 
font-family : Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; 
font-size : 10px; 
color : #827f78; 
font-weight : bold; 
width : 270px; 
but they are just showing up as normal (with borders and white backgrounds).

Any ideas greatfully appreciated.