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    I want to try something in PHP where it will only post information with the current date on it and change day to day.

    Does anyone know how to do this?
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    The info would be stored in a DB.

    I don't know the exact functions but your SQL would like this this:

    Select *
    From Tablename
    Where Date_Column = datefunction

    Every language is going to have a method to display the current date, you may need to format it using a date formatting function for it to work in your SQL query but thats how you'd do it.

    I've made a few newspaper sites and though its in CF the logic of the programming is the same. Each article has a life span marked by its start_date and end_date. In the query it just loads articles where currentdate <= end_date and >= start_date. Each article has a life span of a week usually.

    Here you'd only need 1 column in your DB for date if you only wanted the duration of whatever it is you're doing to be 1 day, if you wanted it to be a week you could do it the method I outlined above with 2 columns in your DB.

    So just look up the PHP date functions, or someone will post em, and thats all there is to it.

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    86400 seconds in a day so to select something a day old you would compare it's stored time() dateline with:

    time() - 84000;

    Or to compare back a few days

    time() - ($numofdays * 84000);

    $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE dateline > '".(time()-84000)."'";

    off the top so excuse any syntax
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