I'm working with a client that is almost finished with a large training program that will be delivered on CD only, in html/javascript. It is targeted for IE browsers and will not be available online.

They are asking me to come up with some sort of a serial/registration scheme, where when a customer receives the CD, when they visit the index.html page the first time, it would know they have not registered and prompt them to enter a serial number. Then set something (where???) so that the course is only valid, for that user, for six months. We do plan on encrypting the HTML with HTML Guardian. Nothing needs to be emailed, it's all local, but I'm coming up empty handed on this.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how I can accomplish this? I've done this sort of thing in Delphi, but never with JavaScript, or something that will only run on a local hard drive.

Appreciate any sensible advice/direction. Or if a product is developed like this, a link would be great. Thanks!