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    superstitial banners that preload on the site, then popup when you click on a link...

    Is this really feasible? it sounds only a little less irritating than popup banners...

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    Flycast/Engage is currently using Unicast Superstitials throughout its network.

    I've used them on one of my sites, and found that the ad only loaded between 5-15 times from about 2000-4000 pageviews. Generally, visitors must remain on your site for a long time, and view several individual pages (all of which contain the ad code) before a superstitial pops up. I also imagine that the visitor must be geographically suitable for the ad (as I've never had one pop-up while navigating my own site).

    In short, then, they are feasible, but as with all advertising, you must have interest from an advertiser before they work (and provide worthwhile rates in exchange for removing your visitors' interest from your site).

    If you're already with Flycast, why not try them out over a few pages, and then remove the code if you're not happy with the results.
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