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    what liability stuff do you include in web design contracts?

    I was reading the "compensation for lost emails thread in this Business Forum...and i thought i would throw out the question:

    What different liability "stuff" do you guys put in your contracts to handle certain situations?

    What do you think are the "standards"?... and perhaps other clauses that are not "standards" but are good to have in there?

    I haven't slept in two days... so i apologize if anythign written above is incoherant.

    Thanks for your time.

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    A few points that I state in the Terms & Conditions and Client Contract:

    - Ownership of the work once the job is complete (does the Client own the work or do I retain the rights)
    - Client agrees that all images/text/information is their property and not stolen
    - Client agrees that I am not responsible for loss of income or property
    - Client can't use my name without writtern permission
    - I am able to use Client's name in portfolio/promotion material
    - If I breech the contract, Client agrees that compensation will be in the amount of the original contract
    - If I hire an attorney to obtain fees outstanding from an agreement, the Client will pay for the fees resulting from legal action
    - The agreement cannot be altered unless agreed upon by both parties and signed
    - A designated total is agreed upon before work begins
    - Upon signature of agreement, any added work is independent of the previous agreement, resulting in additional fees
    - Payments are split into 2 or 3 invoices, depending on project scale (if 2, half up front, half upon completion ... if 3, 1/3 up front, 1/3 half way and 1/3 upon completion)
    - Payments are due NET 30, a late fee will be assessed if not paid by due date
    - Finished projects and/or source files will be released only after final payment is made

    Obviously these are in more "legal" terms, but for simplicity, I summarized. Hope this helps a bit.
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