I'm having some trouble with the following:

My Main array has been set up earlier in the code by

Code ASP:
arrSignType = rsFindSign.GetRows(,,Array("SignID",..."SignSize", "SignSort" ))

All these columns match from the DB (having been copied and pasted a dozen times from the SQL.) Now I try to use the data from this array...

Code ASP:
<select name="size" id="size" onchange="javascript:getSignPrice();">
                <option value="<%=pSize %>"><%=pSize%></option>

(This option shown above I assigned earlier and works ok. It is only for test and is to be removed.)

Code ASP:
                DIM tempArray(0)
                Dim j, found, sizeValue
                For i = 0 to UBound(arrSignType,2)
                    pSize = arrSignType(7,i)
                    sizeValue = ""
                    found = false
                            select case trim(LCase(pSize)) 
                                case "large"
                                    sizeValue = "L"
                                case "small"
                                    sizeValue = "S"
                                case "medium"
                                    sizeValue = "M"
                            end select
                    For j = 0 to UBound(tempArray)
                        if tempArray(j) = pSize then
                            found = true
                        end if
                    if not found then
                        redim preserve tempArray(UBound(tempArray) + 1)
                        tempArray(UBound(tempArray)) = pSize
                        response.write (VbCrLf & "<option value=""" & sizeValue & """>" & pSize & "</option>")
                    end if
            size |<%=arrSignType(7,0)%>| found.

If I print out the UBOUND(arrSignType,2) it reads that 29 entries are present. The above string arrSignType(7,0) prints out as "".

This is probably something really silly I'm overlooking but I can't for seem to work it out. Been coming back to this for a couple of days now!!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Cheers in advance Jas.