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    Hey Gang,

    I'm in a quandry over AltaVista and the search function - like:

    For info on like: see..........

    Basically, the promise is that you can type in the search field on AltaVista and it will pull up pages that are similar to yours.

    WhoooHoooo! That sounds great!

    My problem is that this appears to be hit and miss.

    I checked several domains - each of which I know have quite a few pages logged in AltaVista. This is what I found.

    - some show similar 'like:' pages.
    - some do not show any similar pages
    - some require the www to show similar pages
    - some do not require the www to show similar pages

    So, my question is what's up with :like?

    Can any of you find similar pages on AltaVista using that search? If you can, do you notice any pattern?

    Are the pages that are showing up in "like:" pages that are linking to you? Similar wording in the Title? Similar MetaTags? Descriptions?

    Editor, J.K. Bowman

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    Well I have done this for asome sites that I know are in Altavista and heres what I found....

    Yes it seems to be irregular on finding things with or without the http://www.

    For example I type in a clients site with like : and it came up with some stuff...

    When i repeated without the www I got nothing.. Dunno why I guess you just gotta try both or in all cases ALWAYS add the WWW as it alsways worked for me like that...

    As for how they get the like sites I am confused... Again it seems irregular..

    Both the below have number 1 and 2 positions on various keywords on Altavista....

    I type in one clients site (fitness related) and I got a load of like fitness sites.. Most of which were not linked at all to my clients site.... So one would asumme the connection is not through links...

    However I then type in another clients site (bycycle retail related) and I get a lod of links.. hhmm, this time very unrelated to bycycles. What did come up is other client sites that are all linked on a company owned directory ( So this would back up that it searches for links...

    overall seems pretty irregular on any search..

    I would jusdt make sure I always type in the full url with the http://www...

    Just my experiences...
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