Hi everyone,

I enjoy both programs enormously but which one is better and why?

Here are my con's and pros.

Homesite (from http://www.allaire.com)
* Good global search and replace in files
* Right-click Edit Tag
* Property Sheet for HTML
* Has become buggier as each version is released (seems after Nick Bradley handed HS over to Allaire they have messed it up)
* Design View (Pretty low-end but okay for table fixup)

1st Page 2000 (from http://evrsoft.com)
* Tidy HTML integration (i love this tool)
* Comes with 400 or 500 JS and CGI scripts
* Kinda slow at loading up
* Has 3 or was it 4 modes (easy,expert,hardcore)
* It's FREE, what can i say?
* Nice color picker (kinda like DW's one)
* DHTML center

What do you think? Who is better and what makes em that much better?