Now you can protect the work you put into creating your website and guard yourself against the mindless destruction that can be caused by Viruses/Hackers and be in a position to DO something about intellectual property theft.

A comprehensive new insurance product, protecting you against downtime, legal costs, fraud and liability issues (backed by Lloyd's Underwriters)is now available specifically for UK webmasters.

For the first time ever, this award winning product is aimed at the pocket of small to medium business owners. In addition, you can obtain a 5pct discount when you purchase this insurance via my website at the following URL: under the Business Insurance section.

Don't let all your hard work be plundered by pirates or ruined by vandals. Find out more and get a free quote, on-line, today with Sprant Limited.

Thanks for your time and I hope this has been of interest to you.

Byron Hunte
Sprant - Insurance and Resources for UK eCommerce Startups