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    Question Regex help

    I'm trying to allow a person to highlight a word or phrase every time it occurs in the page they are viewing. $highlight is captured through a form on the page and specifies that word/phrase to be highlighted. All the code for the rest is fine, except I don't know enough about regex to exclude words within HTML tags from being replaced by this, messing up the pages. $content contains the HTML of the page that gets echoed after a bunch of replaces like this one to fill in variables in my templates.

    eregi_replace("$highlight","<span style=\"background: yellow\"><b>$highlight</b></span>",$content);
    If they type in the word "hidden", it'll obviously mess up any hidden input tags, for example. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    switch to preg_replace() and then see this thread:
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