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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


Welcome to the SitePoint Forums! You’re welcome, no matter your level of knowledge or experience! We’ve all been there at some point, so you have our full encouragement and support.

Please take a moment to read through this FAQ. It contains useful information about how to use the forums, our guidelines for behaviour, and how to set up your account and profile.

Zero Tolerance for Spam

SitePoint Forums have zero tolerance towards spam. Spammers are not welcome.

SitePoint Forums were created with the purpose of helping others, discussing web design and development and providing a nurturing environment for improving our skills. The forum should not be used as a promotion tool.

This forum includes a number of features to discourage spammers.

Spammers may be warned, infracted or banned at our discretion.

Board FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

SitePoint staff structure

The SitePoint Staff are based on a team structure. You can identify them by the badges below their names.

  • Mentors are knowledgeable members who act as discussion leaders.
  • Advisors act as moderators for a given patch of the forums. As moderators, they have the ability to move and delete posts and threads.
  • Team Leaders lead a team of Advisors, and can also act as moderators.
  • Administrator the Community Manager and administrator of the forum.
  • SitePoint Staff are SitePoint HQ staff members who visit the forum and help answering questions.
All of the staff work together behind the scenes to find ways to improve the community and make it an all round better place for our members.

New staff members are chosen and nominated by the existing staff only. It is not possible to apply to become a staff member.

You can view a list of the staff members here.

SitePoint's rights

SitePoint Pty. Ltd. and its assigned agents reserve the right to remove a post that does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum. In addition, SitePoint reserves the right to organize discussion forums in order to best serve the majority of our members. For example, narrow-interest or minimal activity topics may, at SitePoint's discretion, be relocated to a more appropriate discussion forum, or deleted entirely.

SitePoint Pty. Ltd. or its assigned agents also reserves the right to prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, the sites that comprise SitePoint, or the rights of SitePoint Pty. Ltd. or others. That said, SitePoint does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that might violate these Guidelines or the Terms of Service prior to transmission on AOL or the Web, nor can we guarantee prompt removal of offending discussion forum posts.

We also reserve the right to remove your membership from the SitePoint Forums should you violate the Community Guidelines.

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