Shaumik Daityari, Oct 15

A Guide to Caching in WordPress

If your WordPress site isn't performing well, one of the improvements to consider is to implement caching. In this post, Shaumik Daityari takes you beyond the layman's understanding of caching, explaining how to implement it in a website to improve WordPress site performance.
Josh Pollock, Oct 12

Do You Need to Know React as a WordPress Developer?

Gutenberg is a JavaScript-driven interface. Specifically, it is built using Facebook’s open-source user interface library React. This post explains a little bit about creating your own custom blocks for use in the Gutenberg editor using JavaScript.
Tom Rankin, Oct 12

A First-time Developer’s Guide for Contributing to WordPress

Tom Rankin looks at how you can get developer experience and give back to the community by contributing to the WordPress platform, looking at three ways to get involved: through the official Codex page, the Core Contributor Handbook, and the Make WordPress site.
Tom Rankin, Oct 11

Modern WordPress Plugins with the Gutenberg Migration Guide

The new Gutenberg editor is slowly becoming a powerful method for creating WordPress layouts, which is great news for both end users and developers. The Gutenberg Migration Guide is an excellent resource for those needing to adapt their projects quickly.
Aaron Gray, Oct 11

The Beginner's Guide to WordPress SEO

Aaron Gray gives beginners a basic overview of WordPress SEO to help your website get found online with ease.
Simon Codrington, Oct 10

An Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

Simon Codrington covers the basics of what you need to know about building your own WordPress plugins and best practices for WordPress plugin development.
Craig Buckler, Oct 10

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Setting Up & Running a WordPress Site

Craig Buckler shows you how to get a WordPress site up and running for the first time.
Nick Schäferhoff, Oct 09

Lazy Loading for WordPress: How to Add It to Your Website

Lazy load is another tool in your toolbox to improve page loading speed. The technique decreases page weight and HTTP requests, allowing visitors to see their desired page more quickly. Nick Schäferhoff explains how lazy loading works, lists tools you can use to set it up, and explains what you can use it for.
Nick Schäferhoff, Oct 09

How to Easily Back Up WordPress Remotely: A Step-by-step Guide

Nick Schäferhoff goes over how to back up WordPress remotely with the help of UpdraftPlus. The plugin is a great free option to set up basic remote backup for your WordPress site. It also has many premium options that make the experience even better.
Janna Hilferty, Oct 08

Getting Ahead of Gutenberg

One of the biggest changes to WordPress ever is coming soon. Are you ready? How can you prepare? Why is WordPress making this change anyway? These questions and many more have been flying around the WordPress space for nearly a year since the new Gutenberg editor was announced by Matt Mullenweg.
Josh Pollock, Oct 08

Adding Custom Routes to the WordPress REST API

Josh Pollock explains how to add custom routes to the WordPress API, noting that the WordPress REST API is not one API, but millions of highly customizable APIs, which can also be leveraged as a tool for making APIs.
Josh Pollock, Oct 05

Advanced OOP for WordPress: Customizing REST API Endpoints

Josh Pollock digs into advanced OOP for WordPress, showing how to use filters to modify the WordPress REST API using an object-oriented approach. He walks through how to create a WordPress plugin to modify the capabilities of WordPress REST API endpoints so they can be better optimized for search.
John Hughes, Oct 04

A Simple Guide to WordPress Starter Themes

WordPress starter themes can help to speed up your development workflow, by providing foundational code that will get you started. If you’re new to theme development, they can also be an excellent teaching tool. In this post, we’ll introduce five stellar examples for you to try out on your next WordPress project!
Adrian Try, Oct 03

10 Steps for Optimizing WordPress Site Performance

Having a fast site is important for your visitors and search results. How do you achieve that? Adrian Try lists the steps that will make a difference.
Mark Wilson, Oct 02

Top 10 Tips to Fix Most Common WordPress Security Issues

Three out of every four WordPress websites are vulnerable to attacks. If your site is hacked, it will not only cost you in terms of restoring the system back to a safe level, but it will also damage your reputation and affect your search engine ranking. Mark Wilson offers ten tips for fixing WordPress security issues.
Jérémy Heleine, Oct 01

Understanding WordPress Pages and the Pages API

Jérémy Heleine covers what WordPress pages are, how to manage pages, and provides an overview of some of the functions in the WordPress Pages API.
SitePoint Team, Sep 06

The 8 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites

A well-designed website can serve as a powerful marketing tool. These days, creating one for a small business is not distressing or expensive at all. However, it was just a few short years ago.
SitePoint Team, Aug 16

5 Top Development Tools that Will Help You Do More in Less Time

Here are 5 great tools and services to make your life as a developer a lot more productive. Bonus content: 3 tips to get your developer skills to the next level.
SitePoint Team, Aug 09

How Many of These Essential WordPress Tools & Services Are You Using?

Ten of the top WordPress tools and services to supercharge your WordPress website and take it to the next level. From page builders and dynamic tables to website management and marketing tools, there's everything you need for a strong web presence.
SitePoint Team, Jul 31

Amelia: The Next-level WordPress Booking Plugin

Simplify the booking process while making it reliable and error-free with Amelia.
SitePoint Team, Jul 30

Speed Up Your WordPress Website with YOOtheme Pro

YOOtheme Pro, a new WordPress theme and page builder, ensures a high page speed ranking of your website thanks to its small, clean code base and the use of latest web technologies. Here is how it works.
SitePoint Team, Jul 24

How to Use a Pre-built Website to Refresh a Website's Look

BeTheme provides a fast and easy way to redesign a website. It offers a selection of more than 350 pre-built website designs.
Alla Taff, Jul 11

Best Market for WordPress Themes: TemplateMonster or ThemeForest?

TemplateMonster and ThemeForest have proven to be the two leading digital marketplaces selling WordPress templates of top quality. Comparing these two options, which one is a better place to buy themes for your websites?
SitePoint Team, Jul 05

8 of the Best WordPress Themes for Your Portfolio

It's not at all difficult to build a decent design portfolio. But if your business depends on how you choose to showcase your work, "decent" usually won't cut it.