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What’s Happening on RubySource?

By Aaron Osteraas



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Ruby, and its numerous frameworks, are gaining increasing popularity with developers all over the globe. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out some of the highlights from RubySource

Rails or Sinatra: The Best of Both Worlds

The Ruby world has been blessed with more than its fair share of frameworks for developing web applications over the years. Recently, though, two of them have emerged as the clear leaders in the field…

Properties and Methods in Ruby from a .NET POV

C# developers are used to working with fields, properties, and methods, but there’s certain confusion when it comes to understanding how those work in Ruby. So let’s have a quick C# refresher.

Smelly Cucumbers

It was such a cliché of a title, I just had to use it. I’m sure you have heard of the great BDD, tool Cucumber, but what you may not know is how smelly Cukes can be. I have recently been revising and refactoring my Cucumber features in absolute disgust.

“Rubylutions” for 2012

I feel that an article focused on things, the Ruby dev can do in the new year is a good one. Bear in mind, these “rubylutions” are not just how to make YOU better as a developer, but how you can make others, or Ruby, better too.

Installing Ruby with RVM on Ubuntu

I recently wrote an article discussing Heroku’s Postgres offering. As a PHP developer of close to 10 years now, I stumbled upon an obstacle: I had to install Ruby! I wanted to share the process of installing Ruby on Ubuntu with RVM, since I saw that several others had experienced similar problems. Come on in and read about it!

Aaron was formerly the Managing Editor for SitePoint Online.

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