Craig Buckler, Jun 05

Browser Trends June 2015: The Battle for Second Place

Craig takes his regular look at the browser chart. Chrome may have won the war but the battle for second place between Firefox and IE has just begun.
Craig Buckler, May 04

Browser Trends May 2015: Can Microsoft Regain the Edge?

Craig takes his monthly look at the web browser chart and discusses the official name and logo for Microsoft's Spartan project.
Patrick Catanzariti, May 04

Web APIs and the IoT in Unity

Patrick Catanzariti demonstrates how to connect up Web APIs and the Internet of Things to the Unity Game Engine.
Craig Buckler, Apr 07

Browser Trends April 2015: StatCounter vs NetMarketShare

The browser market is relatively quiet so Craig takes the opportunity to explain the differences between StatCounter and NetMarketShare.
Peter Nijssen, Apr 01

7 Ways to Optimize Jenkins

From avoiding bloat to using the right plugins, Peter Nijssen explains how to make sure continuous delivery/integration tool Jenkins is working hard.
Zack Wallace, Mar 25

10 Handy Disposable Online Services

Not every amazing service on the web requires a sign-up or a download. Zack Wallace details a host of useful services you can use once and forget.
Matthew Setter, Mar 24

How I Set Up My Mac Development Machine

Matthew Setter explains how he sets up his Mac OS X development machine, from text editors like Sublime Text, to version control tools like SourceTree
Shaumik Daityari, Mar 06

Google Summer of Code in 10 Minutes: A Crash Course

Shaumik takes a look at how to get ahead in Google's annual Summer of Code event.
Craig Buckler, Mar 05

Vivaldi: Opera's Spiritual Successor

Vivaldi is a new browser developed by ex-Opera employees. Craig reviews the features and concludes it's what Opera 15+ should have been.
Craig Buckler, Mar 03

Browser Trends March 2015: Renewed Interest in Opera?

Following bizarre US IE8 usage patterns in 2014, the browser market returned to normal. Chrome had a small increase but Opera is also attracting attention.
Una Kravets, Feb 19

On Code and Community

Una Kravets discusses the benefits of creating a community around open source software like Sass.
Tanay Pant, Feb 18

Online, Collaborative Editing with Etherpad

Tanay Pant introduced Etherpad, an open source, online text editor which allows collaborative editing and group discussion in a lightweight package
Peter Nijssen, Feb 12

Supercharge Continuous Delivery in Jenkins with Workflow

Peter Nijssen takes a look at the new Workflow plugin for Jenkins, which makes continuous delivery much more streamlined.
Tanay Pant, Feb 10

How to Use Bugzilla to Efficiently Squash Bugs

Tanay Pant explains how Bugzilla can make zapping bugs a breeze.
Craig Buckler, Jan 21

What's New in Firefox 35

Moziila released Firefox 35 on January 13, 2015. Few users will notice many changes but that's because all the new features are for web developers. Craig takes a look.
Craig Buckler, Jan 07

Browser Trends January 2015: IE8 Usage ... Triples?!

Welcome to 2015. Bizarrely, IE8 usage in the USA trebled during December. A statistical setback or something more sinister?
Craig Buckler, Dec 09

Browser Trends December 2014: Safari Survival?

We take a year-end look at the web browser market. With all vendors losing out to Chrome, Craig asks whether the desktop version of Safari has a viable future.
David Turnbull, Dec 08

6 Static Blog Generators That Aren't Jekyll

Static blog generators are attractive to bloggers looking for low-cost, simple way to publish. David Turnbull outlines some you may not have heard of.
Craig Buckler, Dec 04

What's New in Firefox 34

Craig looks at the many new and improved features in Firefox 34 and discusses the controversial switch from Google to Yahoo as the default search provider.
Bruno Skvorc, Nov 25

Implementing TitleCapitalization in StackEdit

Bruno Škvorc goes through the step by step procedure of adding TitleCapitalization functionality to his favorite open source MD editor: StackEdit
Elio Qoshi, Nov 10

Firefox: 10 Reasons to Celebrate 10 Years

Firefox is celebrating its 10th year in existence. Elio Qoshi looks back at some of the biggest milestones in the popular web browser's history.
Craig Buckler, Nov 06

Browser Trends November 2014: IE Drops Below 20%

Craig takes his regular look at the monthly web browser usage charts. Despite a small increase last month, IE usage has now dropped below one in five users.
Alex Walker, Oct 29

The 100 Year Old Trick to Writing at 240 Words Per Minute

Stenography is 'old tech' that still makes sense today. Plover is an open source project designed to deliver 240 wpm typing to authors, bloggers and coders.
Elio Qoshi, Oct 14

What's New in Firefox 33

Elio looks at the major new features included in Firefox 33, with particular attention given to the WebIDE, the @media sidebar, and the event listener popup