By Mick Gibson

Watch Kevin Yank Introduce his NEW book “PHP & MYSQL: Novice to Ninja”

By Mick Gibson

” … Just as PHP and MySQL have grown from the young upstarts of the web development world into mature, stable platforms for billion-dollar businesses, this book that I’ve been writing again and again for over a decade has grown up … It’s time to write PHP like the big kids do…” 

This is how Kevin Yank describes the 5th edition of his just-released book “PHP & MYSQL: Novice to Ninja

Watch Kevin as he introduces you to his NEW book!

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  • Still have the first edition of this book on my bookshelf — the first book I read on PHP/MySQL and backend web development. Congrats on the latest edition! I’m recommending it to a non-programmer friend. :)

  • Sounds great! :) This just went to my recommendations list.

  • Fantastic Book. I loved the earlier editions and this seems to be even better with the new advanced content. Great job.

  • Hey Kevin Yank,
    Its like I know you. Do you still play with “Ipad. Can you use Ipad to develop web apps conveniently. I use Ubuntu now and learning AWS ropes. Thank you if you take your time to answer. Your intro had the right effect on me. Buy buy buy.

  • Matt

    Glad to see it’s getting a proper overhaul. The previous books were too lightweight for my taste.

  • Jacob

    Does Kevin finally make the leap to present everything as OOP? If not, its just more old wine on new bottles. We need a beginner PHP-book that starts people up on OOP from scratch, not another procedural basics book that schools people up in a programming paradigm that more and more people are moving away from anyway. Just my two cents.

  • Just a bit of thanks for that terrific book in 2001 that got me started in the real world of web development and career that I love.

  • Bob

    You have me sold as long as Kevin doesn’t expect everyone to convert to OOP, which is supposedly new school and a new programming paradigm, but just ends of making people produce three times as much code for doing something that is easily done with easy to follow procedural programming. I absolutely loath OOP, and for many very good reasons. I’ve tried it and often said to myself, why am I here writing 300 lines of code when 20 lines will do the exact same thing. Totally useless. No to OOP!

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