To Wap or Not to Wap

Ralph Tegtmeier

WAP: "Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open, global
specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices to
easily access and interact with information and services

You can browse existing sites written in WML, the markup language
for WAP devices using WAP emulators such as those found at:

YourWap’s Wireless Companion

WAP Toolkit

Nokia WAP Toolkit

WinWAP Windows Based WML Browser

Wapalizer – WAP Browser Emulator

Also on Gelon’s resources site, read what you will need by way of
devices and applications to develop in
WML, the markup language for WAP devices.

For a quick-and-dirty online WAP site generator check out
WapDrive at .

More WAP resources:



Wap Service




Finally, here’s a list of WAP search engines. While it doesn’t
specifically mention WAP, TechWeb reports that Inktomi (the
world’s largest, albeit least PR credited, search engine) is
pushing into the wireless market with a vengeance at: After both
Alltheweb/FAST and Google have now joined in the fray, expect
more major players to roll in soon.

Last but not least, here’s a newly launched search engine portal
also featuring WAP engines – this one is updated frequently, so
you may wish to bookmark it: