SitePoint’s Ruby on Rails Book is now FREE

    Matt Mickiewicz
    Matt Mickiewicz

    Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web ApplicationsI’m very happy to announce that for the next 60 days our book Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Applications is FREE* in PDF Format (a $29.95 USD value).

    That’s right… Not an extract… Not a sample chapter… The ENTIRE 447 pages of Patrick Lenz’s incredible book is (for the next 60 days) free to download.

    From installing Ruby, Rails and MySQL, to building and deploying a fully featured web application, this book has it all. Imagine building a Web 2.0 social news application, while learning the ins-and-outs of Ruby on Rails. This book shows you how to do it, step by step …

    It’s no wonder this book has been described as the best Ruby on Rails beginners’ book on the market.

    If you’ve ever thought about trying out Ruby on Rails, you’ll never get a better chance to learn why everyone’s talking about this revolutionary web development framework. Grab your FREE download today

    Feel free to spread the word to anyone who may be interested in Ruby on Rails, or anyone who just likes getting stuff for free :)

    By the way, if you prefer your books in hardcopy format, you can still pick up a print copy directly from us or any major bookstore.

    * You’re this far down the page and haven’t already skipped away to download, so I take it you’re looking for the catch, the fine print, or the terms and conditions that may apply. Sorry, but there aren’t any! This offer is as amazing as it seems — a free download of a print-quality book. End of story. Remember: it’s 60 days of Rails madness, not 61, so don’t miss out! But if you really want to give us something in return, donations of premium alcoholic beverages, schwag, and gadgets will be kindly accepted.