Internet Reboot Today at 11.59UTC

By Craig Buckler

Internet rebootAs you may have heard in the news, the Internet will be rebooted today and is expected to be down for around one minute. A global consortium of ISPs and technology companies has called for the action following several periods of instability over the past few years.

A spokesman for the group commented:

People forget that the Internet has been running continuously since the 1970s. This reboot will provide greater stability for years to come. We’re also hoping it will result in fewer viagra and scam messages.

The plans have been meticulous and all information will be backed up to CD and tape drives. No one should lose data as a result of the reboot, but everyone is advised to:

  1. Convert 1 April 11.59am UTC to their local time using a tool such as The World Clock Time Zone Converter.
  2. Shut down all Internet applications such as web browsers, email clients, and instant messengers shortly before the reboot.
  3. Wait at least a minute before restarting any applications.

The process is especially hazardous for the Internet technicians handling the restart. One specialist – who wished to remain anonymous – told us:

Some of the equipment down there is nearly 40 years old. There are missing fuses, exposed wires and unterminated cables: it will be dangerous.

Anyone surfing the net or sending a large email attachment at 11.59 could easily electrocute one of my team.

How will your company handle the reboot downtime? Is the reboot necessary? Do you think it should have been done sooner? Let us know your opinions, but please be careful when you send them.

  • 415s

    Happy 1st April :)

  • http://www.digitalgreenlight.com busy

    I’ll go ahead and pass this along lol.

  • devon

    This has got to be an April Fool’s joke. Seriously, how can you coordinate everyone rebooting the internet? That sounds pretty crazy.

  • Zada

    HA HA Ha
    Very Funny

  • Alan Lukachko

    What is this? The first April Fools joke? It happens in Australia before it happens in any other part of the habitable world. Hah Hah Hah

  • Anonymous

    Oh no!

  • http://www.kyscorp.com Dark Tranquility

    Foolish lol I am still in March though!

  • pentahexamine

    Must we cover our computers like we had to do with our phones when they cleaned out all the phone lines??

  • beewee640

    Should only take a few cd-r’s to back up the whole thing, right?

  • oaknd1

    well played. :)

  • http://altoonadesign.com halfasleeps

    This almost had me going for a second. I was thinking about all those times people would call tech support saying the internet is broken.

  • http://www.joecianflone.com ChestRockwell

    @beewee640 two floppies and one IOMEGA ZIP disk will do the trick

  • amit

    Are you kidding? All the defense systems will go down as well & the aliens will attack us!! :P

  • http://www.lopsica.com BerislavLopac

    Well, I guess it’s already past midnight Down Under. :)

  • aemciv

    I am going to print the Internet before for a physical copy…

  • pentahexamine

    Currently backing up Alaska. Just in case…

  • o0ba.go0ba

    Not bad, but not as good as Smashing Magazines IE 8.1 post:

  • Yomi

    Just sent it to my team at work. Why oh why do I believe everything I read!!

  • pentahexamine

    Will this clean out the conflicker worm?

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Very good, thanks for the laugh!

  • Femto

    lol , 1 April lie :D

  • jerich

    today is april fools. what do you expect. :) nice sitepoint.

  • datavoyager

    Oh no! I’d better download the Internet! I’m sure I’ve got a few 16GB HDD here somewhere. It ought to fit on that right?

  • Phil

    Would now be a good time to upgrade to web 2.0 then?

  • عرب mp3

    don’t feel anything wrong while i work

    feel that.. fake news

    or u can say April lie

  • me

    Nice april fools

  • http://01-global.net 01globalnet

    I realised it is 1st April by reading this article!

  • rundmw

    I’ve already started my backup. Check on progress here:


  • phpster

    I got my 8″ floppies ready for the back up…Shouldn’t take more than a couple.

  • http://www.evanbot.com ETbyrne

    Wow, first thing I thought when I saw this article “That’s the lamest April fools joke ever…”

    So this is what you guys call living on the wild side?

  • rasiel

    quite an obvious Aprils fools day joke!

  • SilentJay74

    But….it is 8:39 CST and my porn torrents still have 4 hours to go! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • http://www.aikon.com.ve joaquin_win

    I guess it already is April 1st in Australia, hehe.

    If it means I’ll be receiving more viagra emails then it’s ok with me!

    Oh, did I read that wrong?

  • gvannorman

    almost got me with this one. maybe this should be sent to some of my idiotic family members lol

  • alex

    hehehehe… i will keep my attachments under 3kb

  • Guvnment Ofishal.

    REPORT: Government websites all backed up. No disks needed. Nothing useful needed backing up. All ready here.

  • blwire

    Got me too lol

  • janflora

    LOL! Can I burn a copy to a disk?

  • http://www.sinthuxdesigns.com sinthux

    I hope the internet doesn’t fail, like in South Park. We’d have to result in drawing picture of porn D:

  • israelisassi

    I backed up to punched paper tape!

  • http://muenchconsulting.com cmuench

    Hilarious :)

  • Dragofix

    It’s tomorrow, not today…

  • http://www.cemerson.co.uk Stormrider

    Should only take a few cd-r’s to back up the whole thing, right?

    Yeh, it only consists of the phrase ‘lol’, some pictures of cats, porn, and not a lot else. It’s highly compressible :P

  • aro

    you forgot to mention that you have format your computer before you can connect again :)

  • Anonymous

    Saw that it was an April Fools joke easily, though I bet it will catch some out.

  • http://www.maheshkukreja.com Mahesh

    Happy April Fool’s Day.

  • jon boy

    oooooo dear
    straight before 12 midday too :o
    i hope no one confuses this with a april fools hoax hahahaha

  • Rahil Sayed


  • Anonymous

    But I need my internet. D:

  • 49DollarLogo.com

    Im going to save the Internet before the reboot, by copying them to my trusty old 1.2 MB floppy. I am sure it fits.

  • frozenmyst

    What if Internet servers are replaced by sort of “Ghost servers” owned by hackers ? Is there a security fix for that sort of danger ?

  • http://www.clearwind.nl peach

    I’m not THAT gullible LOL. nice one!

  • Anonymous

    let me guess – Psyke

  • kaolin


  • Spiderman

    Just in time. We’re moving the Internet control Room to Aruba anyway

  • mali28

    Hmm nice joke.

  • CroGeek

    Well i hope they wont forget to make BACKUP in case something go wrong!!!!

  • Himself

    I say: when it works, don’t reboot, ever never. I dare not imagine what may happen – not happen, rather – should the Internet be unable to reboot.
    I think I’ll email her my feelings before the reboot attempt, tell my enemies I love them, shave shower and share a good supper with the first bum I meet.
    Gosh: I’m afraid I am.

  • Sven

    Is this a joke or what?

  • Giddi

    Everybody Relax!!! …I’ve been meticulously backup up all the porn on the net for years now.

  • F.Danials

    I’m still waiting for the poor sod to arrive, who believes in this garbage! ;)
    There’s bound to be someone out there somewhere!

  • j3bus

    .. my grandfather would be that poor sod.
    Forwarding to him now.

  • Anonymous

    I for one am quite upset. I received no advance notice of this, and the downtime for my office staff is going to cost my business a lot of money.

    Couldn’t we do this overnight to minimize risk?

  • Almost fooled…

    Might be a little more believable if this wasn’t sent on April Fools day.

  • grins

    Sounds like an ID ten T error:)
    Write it out – our techs used to call it in when a computer was unplugged from the interwebs.

  • AndrewCooper

    LOL! I fell for this at first! -blushes- lmao! I was like…Woooow I can’t believe this is happening! Amazing!

    Then I thought, hmmm why isn’t this all over the news and msn.co.uk? Theeeeen I realized the time it said and what date it was!

    Good April Fool’s joke! =P

    – Andrew Cooper

  • CroGeek

    I hope they wont forget to make BACKUP in case something go wrong!!!

  • edavaria

    Good to know that there will be a backup of the internet in case another woman deletes it again while trying to print like the last one here

  • Limewire Pirate

    I’ll back it up then upload it to thepiratebay.org
    This way everyone can enjoy the world’s finest collection of porn, lol cats and malicious spyware…..wait…..Microsoft doesn’t own the internet right?!?!

    I’d hate to torrent their property, they might include Conficker in my next Windows update….0_0

  • Chapman

    LOL, grow up

  • TryaG-Dns

    Lying is haram,

    April Fool

  • Douglas

    That’s ok. I already did a backup of internet on my pen drive!

  • Hafiz

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  • cyberdoyle

    laughter is the best medicine, thanks for the titter

  • O_o.moo

    godd, lost my whole post :(

    ag, nooit forget it..

  • O_o.moo

    Anyone saw CADIE (Google’s panda) on Goolge Street Map View?


  • Rebooted

    We made it!

  • Michael A

    Wow! This sucked! 1minute? yeah right, it was having problems all this afternoon.

    Must be monkeys running the internet, and don’t know how to keep it up.

  • bill

    do i have to backup my files ?

  • Jafri


  • Gio

    Did I miss something?



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