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IE 7 Incompatibility Sightings

    Kevin Yank

    My girlfriend is about to graduate from a teaching degree, and is looking for a job in the area. Upon visiting the official government site where these jobs are posted today, she noticed this message:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

    Microsoft now has available for download version 7 of Internet Explorer (IE7). Recruitment Online is based on a PeopleSoft platform which is yet to be certified for use with the new version of Internet Explorer. Recruitment Online users who have downloaded IE7 are unable to successfully log in to Recruitment Online. Currently there is no setting that can be altered to overcome this issue. Instructions for un-installing IE7 are available from the Microsoft web site (http://msdn.microsoft.com/ie/releasenotes)

    Nice, eh? And if this looks like an attempt to pass the buck to PeopleSoft, you’d be right. According to related discussion groups and other sources, PeopleSoft, recently acquired by Oracle, has no significant issues with IE 7, and Oracle expects to certify current versions of PeopleSoft for use with IE 7 shortly.

    Has anyone else seen any cases of IE 7 unpreparedness in the wild?