By Andrew Tetlaw

How to Use Stanza to Download your EPUB Format Ebooks to Your iPhone

By Andrew Tetlaw

ribbon-largeAs Shayne mentioned in his post, a lot of people are asking for help loading their new EPUB format ebooks onto their iPhones and iPod Touches. It’s easier than you think.

I mentioned Stanza yesterday, but kept it a little too brief. So here’s exactly how to use it.

You first need to download the Stanza app from the Apple App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Then download and install the Stanza Desktop application to your desktop PC. Follow the steps in this handy video Shayne and I put together this afternoon, and you’ll be set.

  • sneak4919

    Stanza desktop seems to do funny things to the text layout, fonts and images of the epub files.

    These issues remain when sharing the books from Stanza desktop to Stanza iPhone.

    I got around this by sharing the epub files with my iphone stanza via http using my MAMP server on my Mac.

    1. Move files into a folder on your local web server. MAMP for me. (something all web devs should have?)
    2. Connect your iPhone to the same network as your web server.
    3. Open Stanza on your iphone.
    4. Tap “Get Book” at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Tap “shared” at the top of the screen.
    6. Tap “edit” on the top right.
    7. Tap “add book source”.
    8. Switch from “catalog” to “web page”.
    9. Fill in a name for reference (I used “MacBook Pro”) and then the URL for the folder where your files are. For me on my local network this was My MacBook’s IP was, my MAP server is running on port 8888 and the foler where the files are is called “epub”.
    10. Tap “save”.
    11. Tap “done”.
    12. Choose your new book source from the list.
    13. As there are no html files in the directory the web server will instead display a list of files in the directory.
    14. Choose the files and download them your Stanza iPhone library one at a time.

    Your new ePub books will now display perfectly with all the original formatting, colours, fonts and pictures in tact.

    Enjoy :-)

  • theR3AP3R

    Easy way to get your epub files from sitepoint on to your itouch.

    I figured this out because my pc is hardwired to my network and my itouch is wireless. For some reason Stanza will not communicate with the wired pc

    Step 1: open your order receipt email
    Step 2: copy the link to download your files
    Step 3: open stanza on your itouch
    Step 4: click “get books” > “shared” > “edit” > “add book source”
    Step 5: Enter a name for the source (i called mine Sitepoint)
    Step 6: paste in the URL you previously copied

    Sitepoint is now added. When you tap the sitepoint location in stanza you will be asked to log in. Use the info provided in your receipt email.

    Click the download link for the book(s) you wish to download.


    Hope this helps.
    follow me on twitter @ther3ap3r

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