​Easily Set Up, Manage, and Protect Your Apple Devices with Jamf Now

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Jamf Now Apple Devices

Jamf Now Apple Devices

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Employees have never been more mobile, increasing the demand for connected smart devices. Between visiting customers, working from home, being embedded with clients, or simply working on the go, connectivity and security is vital to the health and bottom line of all businesses.

Apple devices are incredibly popular in the modern workplace — their combination of beautiful aesthetics, powerful brand recognition, ease-of-use, and a rich application ecosystem makes them a natural choice. The ubiquity of these devices does come with a challenge though — how do you set up, manage, and protect your Mac and iOS devices, no matter where they are or how they’re used?

There’s a software solution that’s up to that challenge — Jamf Now.

Jamf Now — Mobile Device Management

Jamf Now is beautiful, fully-featured, easy-to-use, mobile device management solution designed to make managing iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices a pleasure, throughout your business.

Jamf Now mobile device management provides three key features:

Set Up Devices

Provide consistent configuration settings across all devices to minimize user effort and give employees the exact settings, accounts, and applications needed to work at maximum productivity.

Manage Devices

Collect device information for inventory visibility, manage data usage, and update or deploy applications directly to devices so users always have access to the latest, most functional, and secure versions.

Protect Devices

Ensure that sensitive company information and data accessed on an Apple device remains secure. This includes encryption and enforcing security on devices including passcodes, locking, and even remotely wiping devices.

The Business Benefits of Jamf Now

Jamf Now provides several benefits to your business:

  • Reduces time and resources spent on setting up and managing Apple devices.
  • Ensures consistent application and device settings that can be customized by role or need.
  • Allows rapid deployment of applications for additional functionality or enhanced security.
  • Provides better license and asset management across all devices.
  • Enforces data encryption and passcode access to protect information.
  • Wipes data if a device is lost or falls into the wrong hands.

Jamf Now is Designed Around Simplicity

Traditionally, device management has been the responsibility of the IT department. Jamf Now removes the complexity of managing devices through a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets anyone set up configuration, security rules, application details, and more. The philosophy behind Jamf Now is to get employees set up and using their devices as quickly as possible. The Jamf Now software runs in the background so it’s never a distraction to the user, meaning they can get on with their work in a safe, secure, and always updated environment.

Jamf Now Works with Apple / iOS Devices, Across Multiple Industries

Jamf Now works with Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices across your business.

Jamf Now works with Apple devices in any industry — from education to finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, field services, and more.

Jamf Now Device Setup

Jamf Now takes the hassle out of setting up devices by letting you create a “blueprint.” This lets you input settings once and quickly send them to every device. You can easily customize individual devices with areas like email addresses, role-specific apps, data access, and more. Jamf Now supports Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, and any IMAP or POP mail accounts.

Every employee gets access to the right settings, accounts, applications, and data they need to do their job and contribute to your bottom line.

Jamf Now Device Management

It’s vital that employees have access to the latest versions of applications, whether that’s because they need greater functionality or as the result of patching security vulnerabilities. Jamf Now’s management features makes it a breeze to push out new versions of apps. Just point Jamf Now at the latest version and it will automatically download and install it on every user’s device, in the background.

This can significantly reduce the workload of your IT department as it removes the need for manual installs. It also ensures everyone is on the latest version of an app, making support and troubleshooting quicker, easier, and more effective. License management is more effective, letting you track assets and licenses to ensure you don’t pay for software you don’t use. Jamf Now integrates with Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program, letting you buy and deploy multiple licenses and apps to devices, quickly and easily.

Jamf Now also makes inventory and asset management easier — you can easily export details of every device for compliance checks and get insight into all the key information for every device.

Jamf Now Device Security

Mobile devices, especially iPhones and iPads, are easily forgotten and can be prime targets for theft. Jamf Now helps to protect your devices and company data from getting into the wrong hands. It does this in several ways:

  • Encrypting data and information on the device.
  • Enforcing a passcode on the device.
  • Allowing you to remotely lock the screen.
  • Allowing you to display messages on the lock screen (e.g. asking for the device to be returned).
  • Allowing you to remotely wipe all sensitive data from the devices.
  • Allowing you to see the physical location of the phone, through GPS.

Jamf Now is Cloud-Based

Jamf Now runs on a “software as a service” model. It’s cloud-based, so you can manage your Apple devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Jamf Now Pricing

One of the most attractive features of Jamf Now is the pricing. You can manage your first three devices at no charge. After that, it’s just $2 per device, per month.

Jamf Now Support

Jamf Now is fully supported in three main ways:

  • Live chat with customer service representatives and technical teams.
  • Email support for issues and problems.
  • A complete knowledge base covering all aspects of the software.

The knowledge base contains information on deployment, setup, enrolling devices, configuration, blueprints, devices, apps, settings, troubleshooting, and more.

If your business uses Apple devices, Jamf Now can give you the peace-of-mind you need. Its combination of smart setup, effortless device management, and enhanced security features will empower your users, protect your data, and help you manage all your Apple devices.

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