ColdFusion Blackstone – MX v.7


…posted by davidjmedlock:

Okay, you saw my blog about Ben Forta’s CFUG tour this summer. So far the only two cities I’ve seen confirmed have been Phoenix, AZ and Jacksonville, FL. The list is incomplete as of now, though, so those of you in other cities can keep your fingers crossed.

As a part of the tour, Ben will be discussing ColdFusion “BlackStone” – the next version of ColdFusion MX (v. 7). Now, we all know that programmers are more curious than cats. (Though seldom do I hear the phrase “curiosity killed the coder”.) So, I started digging and didn’t have to go too incredibly far to get some juicy tidbits on CFMX 7. Anything in this blog, though, is unconfirmed, so don’t hold me to it:

– Flash forms will be available using CFFORM (very cool)

– A CFGROUP tag that allows you to group forms into tabs, accordion interfaces, etc. (also very cool)

– A CFDOCUMENT tag that allows CF to create PDF’s and will possibly support other formats later on

Of course, it’d be absolutely awesome if they’d include some image manipulation in there, since that may be one of the single most requested functionalities for CF. It also makes sense, as the other major scripting/web languages have image manipulation features built in. I better not get my hopes up.

This is where I found the information:
It seems like there are quite a few blogs out there offering the same juicy morsels of information. I’ll try and stay on top of things as they develop and of course, when CFMX7 is out, I’ll be sure to write up a couple of thorough articles on the new features.