By Matthew Magain

Bowl with Team SitePoint at SXSW!

By Matthew Magain

Bryan has had to change the date of this event to the evening Sunday March 11th, starting around 7pm. This clashes with the Web Awards, so you should email Bryan now to let him know whether you’re still able to attend (if you already signed up then you should have received an email from him).

AvalonStar Bowling ExtravaganzaAre you heading to this year’s SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas next month? Fancy yourself to be a king of the ten pin bowling alley?

Well Bryan Veloso’s AvalonStar Bowling Extravaganza is on again this year at the Austin Bowlarama, and Team SitePoint is looking for a couple of sharp shooters — err, bowlers — to help them take out the treasured Phoenix Cup.

This is your chance to bowl alongside none other than the two founding members of SitePoint, Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz (as well as a couple of us meagre underlings). And there are other perks too — free drinks for all team members! And in addition, SitePoint is sponsoring the event with giveaways of books, five free drinks to each member of the winning team, and one free drink to every bowler who bowls a strike.

However there are only a few spots available, so sign up quick and request to be a member of Team SitePoint. Or if you’ve already signed up and haven’t joined a team yet, email Bryan to let him know.

That cup is so ours.

  • Only at SitePoint. :)

  • That cup is so ours.

    Useless Bowlers + Free Alcohol = Skillful Bowlers? :-)

  • That’s right, Kev. Your philosophy is equally applicable to pool/billiards.

  • Shouldn’t they be buying us drinks to get on the team?

  • I’ve been debating of I should attend again or not.. this was the deciding factor I think ;)

  • Brian Artka

    I have signed up, but I am teamless. Does a semi-pro bowler from Milwaukee get a signing bonus? ;) lol.

  • Being semi-pro would give you a fair chance. However Matt Magain is our captain so he makes the final decision. Keep in mind, he may be looking for other skills, such as your ability to sledge the opposition, and the speed at which you can put down a beer. You will be wearing a SitePoint T-Shirt don’t forget so we need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s on your ability to represent the brand ;)

  • Would love to have you on the team Brian, be sure to let the organiser know.

    In fact, it’s looking like there may be enough people for us to have two SitePoint teams (one SitePoint founder on each) so you can be on my team, k? :-)

  • Uhm.. my bowling skills are not close to semi-pro, but I have a weird accent.. sound good enough? Oh yeah, almost forgot, I will be buying beers! ;)

  • …looks like Matt Magain and Brian are on my team then ;)

  • Brian

    I emailed Bryan with some team requests, we’l lsee what he does. What are your average bowling game scores? and or what is your highest game? (just curious) Oh, and the beer chugging, what kind of beer? ;)

  • James Ahn

    Jesus. This is so nerdy it’s lame. A bowling competition wearing sitepoint t-shirts? And you only get one free beer. How cheap are you guys? I know you’re making a mint with those books, so how about a 6 pack for everyone who bowls a strike.

  • Glad you’re as excited about this event as I am James.

    Please read the details carefully. We’re giving one free beer to EVERY player who gets a strike, regardless of what team they are on. There are 32 teams, and 6 on each team. Plus more free drinks and a t-shirt for those bowling on Team SitePoint. And we’re giving away other prizes to the winning team as well.

    I would have thought that was rather generous, for an event that we’re not even organising.

  • See you there, dudes! Drunknbowling, here we come …

  • I’m not on a team yet, maybe I can get in on the sitepoint team and show you how it’s done.

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