Bing Partners with WolframAlpha to Take on Google

By Craig Buckler

Bing and WolframAlphaIn their ongoing attempt to lure users away from Google, Microsoft have teamed up with WolframAlpha to improve results in the Bing Search engine.

Both Bing and WolframAlpha were launched in 2009:

  • Bing appeared in June and received a largely positive response from the Internet community. The results are relevant and fast, plus it has a few interesting features such as text and image previews. It’s been slowly chipping away at Google’s market share but is yet to achieve worldwide appeal.
  • WolframAlpha was launched in May and was billed as the “knowledge engine” which would topple Google. It parses natural language and presents intelligent data rather than links to other websites. Following a high-profile marketing campaign, the servers promptly crashed and the system failed to live up to its initial hype.

Linking both services could work well. For example, a search for the planet “Mars” could show a wealth of technical information from WolframAlpha plus links to associated websites such as Nasa (and the chocolate company).

This isn’t the first search Bing partnership deal Microsoft has instigated. The company announced a Yahoo partnership in July and has recently begun integrating results from Facebook and Twitter.

It appears that the future battle for web search traffic is likely to be dominated by Google vs Microsoft in allegiance with everyone else. Who will win? Let’s hope no one does — the competition encourages innovation.

Will Bing and WolframAlpha be a good fit? Would you use it in preference to Google Search?

  • appletsauce

    I’ve been using Google for many years (before anyone seemed to know who they were), and I see no reason to. It’s become an action (a verb) in itself: “Google it.” Like you’d tell someone to look something up in a book, “go Google it.” It’s become a verb over the years and a part of every day language. Would be difficult to switch and say “go bing it.” I think Google’s too wired into my head to switch to someone else.

  • I’ve started using Bing when it was released and, since then, it is my default and favorite search engine. The interface is really great and search results are relevant in most cases. What I like most:
    – display of a little preview of the content, without leaving the results page
    – images searches displays images on a single page (vs. having to click next tens or hundreds of times in Google before seeing that image you’ve been looking for)
    – video preview without leaving the results page.

  • Anonymous


  • W3bnewbie

    google will get all these features & more just u wait & see…….

  • Lee

    “google will get all these features & more just u wait & see”

    When exactly? Google has been around for years and has barely changed.

    Personally i think the search results are almost identical across both but i prefer bing simply because it has a nice new picture every day :).

  • bbparis

    I like so much the following text :
    ” Who will win? Let’s hope no one does — the competition encourages innovation. ”
    you are right, the competition encourages innovation, I was upset for example when Adobe bought Macromedia, and same when Autodesk bought Alias ( the company that founded Maya 3D software )…so let we think that Google did the same with Microsoft, or vise versa, what well happen ? … Best regards.

  • When exactly? Google has been around for years and has barely changed.

    Actually, I think Google has changed. The search has evolved for the better — in my experience, Bing is good but doesn’t beat Google yet.

    The interface has not changed significantly, although subtle improvements such as auto-suggest have been implemented. However, people like what they know and Google owes some of it’s success to providing the basics without the frills.

  • USPatriot

    With Bing in it’s infancy, and already superior to Google, having been around for years, Google better worry.

  • I am a fan of simplicity, when I am searching for something I really don’t care if Bing “has a nice new picture every day”.

    Google gets my vote here simply because it’s simple, it works and it works well.

    However, I am a big supporter for competition, without it we wouldn’t have such great products and services today.

  • expressions

    Bing is superior to Google. Stop
    But the extremely addicted Googlers might not switch to Bing soon.
    It will take a long time for Bing to overcome Google beyond the technical circle simply because of complacency.

  • Techies may love it but Google will never be toppled, its like Coca Cola & Pepsi, once you have that much control over a market you will never lose it.

  • Annoyed

    Google changes its logo on certain days. It has demonstrated in this tiny and probably minor aspect that it is willing to cave to real or perceived grievances of the politically correct crowd. For example, today (12/7), Bing has a picture of Pearl Harbor and relevant links. Google has nothing. Also, Google has caved to the demands, for example, of the Chinese, becoming an accomplice of the Chinese government by helping it to censor content and limit access that the Chinese people have to the rest of the world ( Google is a business, and it’s their privilege to accomodate to the Chinese in exchange for business opportunities. But it is my privilege to use other search engine. I’ll try Bing, if for no other reason for the picture of the USS Arizona Memorial today.

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