I need some help with my divs. I need a better way to code this div:


So that i could:

1. have the menu links aligned right, while the displayed time aligned left, and without an extra br being added.

2. Make both divs (the white and the blue) align porportionally as the window is resized.

3. If you resize the window until the scrollers appear you will notice that the top div becomes larger than the bottom div

4. If you resize the window until the links don't fint on the window, then they will automatically drop to the next line (in IE).

5. Load this page in Netscape and see what you get when you resize , hehehee, I'm not even talking about the versions lower than 7.0

Could anyone please help? I'm on the verge of returning to tables. All this positioning is messing me up and confusing me! At least a fix to ONE of those would be great. And hopefully, someone can point out a better way to code my divs (my mistakes)