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    Page visit Duration

    I want to calculate time the visitor stay on each page visit ....Not using google analytics....Using ajax,PHP and jquery

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    PHP can record the date/time the page was served to a specific IP address, by storing the data in a database table.

    Then there are two options to record the date/time that page was left ...

    1. Use an onunload event to run some javascript (AJAX) code to call a PHP file to store the date/time - this depends on the user allowing JS to run.

    2. In each PHP page check the HTTP_REFERER header; if it's value is from your domain then use that to record the date/time of the previous page - this would only work whilst navigating within your site; once the user leaves your site then the last-visited page would never have a "left" date/time record.

    Option 1 is neater but not guaranteed to work. Option 2 will almost always work except for when the user leaves your site.

    I'm sure there may be other options - I'll leave that for others to propose.
    Ian Anderson


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