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    Interested in knowing more about Facebook

    HI, i am new to the concept of facebook though i have registered there. Can anyone tell me how to use it?

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    rules for using facebook:

    1. facebook is for friends -- for business associates, used instead

    2. you don't have to accept friend requests from people you don't know, or from people that you know but couldn't give a rat's patootie about

    3. on your news feed (which is what you see on your home page), you can hide the feeds of friends who abuse facebook by automatically posting all their twitter crap

    4. facebook applications are, by and large, all crap (except wordscraper) -- if someone sends you a flower, or a gift, or whatever, you don't have to register for that application and send them anything in return (remember, facebook apps can see all your personal information, and who knows what they do with it...)

    5. do ~not~ become a fan of anybody or anything, unless you like having this information freely available to non-facebook users

    6. join groups and participate to your heart's content, as you will soon discover that the person in squamish bc who shares your love of naked molerats is just as knowledgeable as you are

    7. if you can get your family members to join -- especially those in remote locations -- then sharing photos with them is awesome | @rudydotca
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    @ what r937 said...

    facebook is generally for everyone that wants to stay connected with acquaintance, friends, family or whatever...its your choice o accept who you like to be connected to.

    Oh and while some of the applications are crappy, there are actually some good ones there, just be careful in sharing info. Try the quizzes if you have too much spare time or play some games (lol) it'll be fun for ya...sitepoint i think has a page there if you wanna check out.
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