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    Enhancing regular menu with JS (with some jQuery) - Please help


    I have made a great menu over here...

    Ok... Not so great yet because (as you can tell), when you rollover one of the links you cannot click on any of the links within the drop-down list because it dissappears. This is expected since on the link's "mouseout" the slideUp function is initiated... I am not sure how to make it act the way drop-down menus are meant to.

    Here is the current script:

    Code JavaScript:
    var links = document.getElementById("nav").getElementsByTagName("A");
    for ( var a=0 ; a<links.length ; a++ ) {
    if(links[a].className == "opensub") {
    links[a].onmouseover = function() {
    var thisUL = this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("UL")[0];
    links[a].onmouseout = function() {
    var thisUL = this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("UL")[0];

    I need some help in making this work...



    Sorry, page was not viewable earlier... It is now.
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    I think you need to add some minor timeouts to each menu. Look at what happens when you move your mouse from the first item to the last. All the menus in between open up and then close down. Unless this is what you want, you should make each mouseover event call a function that is wrapped in a setTimeout of 100 or 200ms.

    Also, look at what happens if you erratically shake your mouse over them all repeatedly. They open and close many times over about 10 seconds!

    The most enormous mistake you have made is to put block-level elements (UL, LI) in an inline-level element (SPAN).

    In order to make your mouseouts work properly, so that they work only when the mouse leaves the tab or the dropdown menu, you need to check the relatedTarget. Have a look here:

    Golgotha came across a similar problem here:


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