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    Add Data Into Text Area... Please help

    Hello all!

    Can someone please tell me how I can make something similar to whats above the text area when someone replies or makes a new thread?

    The writers for my site don't know ANYTHING about HTML, and making something like the "http://" button above would be a huge help!

    I've done some searching, and only found ways to make bold and underline... etc.

    Anyways, can someone please help me out?

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    I am not quite sure what you are asking. Well I am kind of sure. Are you retrieving this data from a database or just using javascript. I assume if it is similar to a response button than it is some sort of database and server language. That is how this site does it.

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    that is a pretty neat feature--it's all done with javascript, though what converts that code in to real html is a script running on the server. for in-house use you could just use html straight, probably, instead of using the vB Code.

    you can get an idea how sitepoint does it by viewing the source on a reply page and checking out and

    This is a fairly advanced little script, though, so if you don't know what you're doing, expect to be confused.

    -wg <><

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    Depends really on how you want the href to be shown.
    The document.createElement('A'); method would work quite well if you wanted an instant clientside reflection of the href:

    function create_link(){
     var hrf=prompt('Please type your link in here:','');
     var a=document.createElement('A');
     a.href=href;'_blank';'none'; // No underline'#660000';
     /* The following line would probably NOT work,
        but it might be worth a try, since if it does
        the effect would be very unique.
        As far as i'm aware the textbox element does NOT
        have the ability to spawn children
        This is the end of unlikely code!             */
     // The above would work though
    The other thing you might want to do is manually create a link and add it as text to a textbox so that you can then save it to the disk quickly with a server side language. ie: you literally put <a href='x' target='_blank'> into the textbox, and it's saved directly into the source by the server side lanugage.

    The third approach is to have a server language parse the text box for something like :href[].

    I don't see much point in doing it this way, but some people might want to for convienience of browser compatibility ( i can't stand NN anyway ;-) )

    Hope this adds something to the discussion.

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