Hi everyone,

The best way I can put it...

My form...
<form name=myForm onsubmit="return validate_form(this)"
method=post><input type=hidden value=00000000
name=meta_web_form_id></input> <input type=hidden
name=meta_split_id></input> <input type=hidden
value=your-cd-request name=unit></input> <input type=hidden
name=redirect></input> <input type=hidden value=index
name=meta_adtracking></input> <input type=hidden value=1
name=meta_message> </input><input type=hidden
name=meta_required></input> <input type=hidden value=0
name=meta_forward_vars></input> <input type=hidden name=name> </input>

What I want to do is when someone puts in their country, other than USA, then they are redirected to my other list in aweber. The list I used here is 00000, value=your-cd-request but let's say the other list i want to send it to 111111, value=int-cd-request. How would I use javascript to redirect people from other countries to my international list?