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    Updating 3.5 framework (how to)

    I downloaded the 3.5 framework and installed it, but I don't think VisualStudio 2005 sees it?

    When I open VisualStudio and then goto Help then About it shows I'm still using 2.0. How to I change it to 3.5? Is it in IIS?

    Also where does it show if you have SP1 installed or not?

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    Microsoft Marketing has done everything in their powers to confuse us on this one.

    .NET Framework 3.5 (like 3.0) is really only extensions to .NET Framework 2.0. They still use all of the assemblies from 2.0; they just add some new ones (3.0 added assemblies for WPF, WF, CardSpace, WCF; 3.5 adds assemblies for LINQ).

    .NET Framework 3.5 also comes with new compilers (which understands LINQ keywords, extension methods, lambdas, type inference, etc), but they are backwards compatible with 2.0. The version is controlled by a compiler switch.

    What this all means is that in IIS a 3.5 site will still be configured as a 2.0 site. The difference will be in the web.config file for your site (which references, compiler options etc.)

    While you can code for 3.5 using VS2005 you'll get absolutely no support for the extended syntax; in fact, the VS2005 will hint about errors when there really is none. When coding websites you will have to add the new assemblies as well as other web.config options.

    So, the absolutely best way is to download VS2008 (beta 2). You can download both the express edition as well as the full-blown team suite for free at this time. In the final version only the express edition will be free.


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