Hi all

I've just been reading an AbilityNet publication about accessible websites which says -

'Don't use JavaScript that requires a mouse for it to work.'

Now, I've wrestled with PHP as an alternative and gave up because I just couldn't get it to work. So I have a few of questions following from this which I'm hoping someone here can help me with -

1. Does this AbilityNet statement mean that if I put buttons in my header that the user clicks on to (e.g.) increase font size, remove all graphics, these must not use JavaScript to make them work? I ask this because I've come across a few sites where such buttons are used.

2. Is it sufficient for accessibility purposes that I have made stylesheets which the user can access using browser tools such as those built into Firefox and IE7?

3. My existing set-up (using JavaScript to run the buttons) means that my alternate stylesheets like 'bigtext.css' don't contain the full set of instructions that my main stylesheet 'main.css' does - they only contain font instructions. If I get rid of the JavaScript, will I need to 'beef up' all my stylesheets to contain a full set of instructions?

Thank you.