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    Foreign language (Turkish) text doesn't display correctly: PHP and AJAX

    I have created a page that uses a server side AJAX request to include a php page to display some text in Turkish.

    The included page is:
    It displays the Turkish text with the additional charcters found in the Turkish language (ç ö ü etc) when typed into the address bar of the browser. The lead me to believe the problem is not PHP.

    the including page is:

    For this example this page has two sections. 1) a navigation menu displays text in Turkish by including a html file:
    This text displays fine use AJAX HttpRequest. This lead me to believe the problem is with PHP.

    2) a body section that inlcudes the the php via AJAX HttpRequest.
    This section doesn't display the Turkish characters correctly. Some of the charaters appear as question marks (?).

    So no I'm perlexed. Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this issue?

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    It could be for you much more better to include xml file, because in that case it takes defined charset. I have made small example with my laguage here , it load small xml instead of html. See the xml example code, with html this not works. You could do it also with php, in case that you send a correct charset in header.


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